Boise Bible College

Who is Boise Bible College?
The mission of Boise Bible College is to glorify God by equipping servant leaders who build up the church to advance the gospel worldwide. 
We put a great value on:
SCHOLARSHIP: as we provide a strong biblical education,
HUMILITY: as we learn to imitate Jesus and teach each other to be disciple makers,
COMMUNITY: living and showing students how to serve others in a tight loving community.
INNOVATION: seeking unity in the truth of God’s Word as we apply Biblical text to the contemporary church.
Prayer Requests:
·         For future students that desire to live a life of ministry.
·         For our current students to stay focused on their studies and ministries.
·         For our Alumni that are serving all over the world in all types of ministries.
·         For our staff, in the classroom and those recruiting students and funds.
·         Our student count is down and that has a huge effect on our bottom line, we are tightening our belt but need many to help us finish strong this school year.