Connection Groups



   Here at Pasco Christian we believe that an essential part of life is connecting with other people - and we believe this happens most effectively in the context of a small group.  We have a variety of Connection Groups available on various days of the week and with specific life circumstances in mind.  If you are not in a group, you can still join one.  Call the church office at 545-8589 and we will get you placed in a group.


Life Groups...This is the traditional style of connecting group that meets regularly.  These groups normally meet in somebody's home creating a warm atmosphere where people can feel more at ease and welcome.  They usually consist of elements such as a connecting time, bible study time, and prayer time, but are not limited to these examples.   For a list of current Life Groups, Click Here.

Community Groups... These groups will be a little different than the traditional style of small group. They will be groups that are based on common interests such as a hiking group, a sports group, or maybe even a group that likes to hang out at a coffee house. They will be centered around, meeting people where they are and what they like to do.  Groups will be added soon!
A cycling group is currently active.  If interested, Click Here

Mission Opportunities... These are opportunities for groups to get involved in the community. To Reach out, serve and show that we Love God and Love People.  For a list of Mission Opportunities...      Click Here  

Contact Information, Adam Owings