Our roots


Pasco Christian Church is a nondenominational congregation dedicated to the restoration of the New Testament Church in doctrine, practice and heart.

Pasco Christian Church makes no claim to be radically different from other Bible-believing churches; in fact, our goal is unity, not division.  Christianity has suffered long enough from the division among Christian people.  We do not want to be separated from other followers of Jesus. Instead, what we desire is for Jesus’ prayer to become reality, that Christ-followers “May all be one, even as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they also may be in us.” (John 17:21)

The movement we identify ourselves with, known as “The Restoration Movement”, began in the early nineteenth century when there was much fighting among Christians on the frontier over various religious creeds and beliefs.   A group of Christians broke away from denominationalism announcing that they would follow the Bible alone, instead of human creeds.

Over the years people have realized that they wanted to be Christians without the complications of denominations.  They wanted to break down unnecessary walls among Christians, believing that such an effort would honor Jesus’ prayer for unity.

The Restoration Movement got its name from the fact that we are trying to restore the church to the precedents set by the Church of the New Testament.  Over the years, many man-made rules, regulations, doctrines, and traditions crept into the practice of many churches and people like us felt the urgency to get back to the Bible.

Since we are trying to imitate the new Testament Church , we baptize by immersion, observe communion every Sunday, call our leaders “elders” and preach Jesus Christ—crucified, resurrected, and reigning over all.  Like the earliest churches, our church is independent.  We have no church hierarchy, no headquarters in another city that determines policy for us.  As a congregation, we elect our leaders, call and support our ministers, decide where our mission money will go, and in every way determine the program of the church with the New Testament as our guide.

We try our very best to be a thinking, feeling, caring, studying, growing church that pursues Jesus’ mission to seek and save the lost.  If you are interested in following Jesus, you are welcome in all the activities of the church and we invite you to worship, fellowship, and serve with us, and in the spirit of unity that Jesus prayed for, may we glorify God together.