The church we read about in the Bible was organized in a very simple way. A general pattern was to have 2 or more qualified men overseeing each local congregation or church. These men could be referred to as the "eldership". Each man must meet several high qualifications which the Bible lists in two passages (1Tim 3:1-7 & Titus 1:5-9). Elders are the spiritual leaders of a congregation. They also watch out for the souls of the members like a shepherd.


Chuck RodgersChuck Rodgers
Adult Ministries/Worship/Staff/Pastoral Care

Scott ThorneScott Thorne
Discipleship/Property/Children's Ministry

Jeff CrowJeff Crow
Preschool/Prayer/Youth/Life Groups/Ushers

Sean MarsSean Mars
Missions/Finance/Benevolence/Senior Adults